BOPPER® BEER  COVERED HOPPER<br>BOPPER® COVERED HOPPER<br> *Watch for new RRnames in Late 2017

In 2012, READY MADE TRAINS, LLC introduced another addition to the series of "Ready Made Trains®" 0/0-27 gauge 3-rail toy trains...freight cars suitable for both the steam and diesel era with railroad names to represent old favorites, 'fallen flags', shortlines, and today's newest regional carriers and mega-railroads as the listing grows.

Using classic tooling originally created by Kusan in the early 1950's, RMT has upgraded these cars to utilize 21st Century production techniques of painting and decorating with the highest level of detailing at an affordable retail price. These freight cars are fully compatible with RMT BEEP®, BEEF® and BANG® diesels and cabooses and an exciting addition to any 3-rail toy train empire.

Third in this new product line is the 'BOPPER®', a covered hopper, featuring...

Length 9 1/2 inches long over couplers
Realistic painting
Prototypically inspired lettering on sides AND ends
Opening hopper doors
Metal brake wheel
Sprung metal trucks w/metal sideframes
Operating diecast couplers w/air brake hose detail
'Easy-roll' metal wheels
Covered Hopper top section with detailed non-operating roof hatches
Seperate BEEPeople® 'Little Wally' standing brakeman figure.

The 'BOPPER®' 2-BAY Covered Hoppers are sold individually with 2 different roadNUMBERs for each Railroad roadNAME.

Unique to the 'BOPPER®' freight cars is a new series of roadname cars referenced to nostalgic beer brewers...the BEER BOPPER®'s...pick up a few to create your own

WALTER'S BEER #19493 or #19494 olr147

PRR/PENNSYLVANIA #233003 olr143
PRR/PENNSYLVANIA #233003 olr143

Regular price: $99.99
Sale price: $29.99