BUDDY® - RDC/Rail Diesel Car - Powered Unit<br>SOLD OUT

The BUDD RDC - Rail Diesel Car was originally offered by K-line. RMT has taken this tooling and performed electrical and structural detail upgrades that make this powered Rail Car an improved version of previous offerings.

The RMT BUDDY® features:

*2 can motors
*electronic F-N-R
*front/rear directional operating headlights
*front/rear directional red marker-lights
*flashing roof beacon
*operating knuckle couplers
*cab detail with seated engineer figure
*interior lights with tinted green effect passenger windows
*separate metal handrails
*door safety chain detail
*metal chassis
*prototypical paint schemes and roadnumber.

Designed so you can electrically run two of these units together.

Compatible with most 3-rail electric trains.
Measures 13 inches long.

Perfect for use on all 0 & 0-27 radius curves.

Powered Units only - no dummy units available.