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The Rahway Valley Railroad (RVRR) was a short-line railroad in the Northeastern United States which connected the Lehigh Valley Railroad in Roselle Park and the Central Railroad of New Jersey in Cranford and with the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western in Summit.

Operating over a span of 95 years (18971992) in Union County, New Jersey, in its prime it was one of the most successful shortline railroads in U.S. history, turning a profit during the Great Depression. During its lifetime, the RVRR was instrumental in the development of Kenilworth (site of its headquarters) as well as Union Township, Springfield and other towns along its route.

Later years saw traffic decline; by the mid-1980s the line could no longer afford to purchase liability insurance. The RVRR was foreclosed on and sold to the Delaware Otsego Corporation which did little to revitalize the nearly 90-year-old line. Traffic continued to decline until service ended in 1992, with a single customer remaining.

As an interesting footnote, Walter M. Matuch of RMT, then a college student, worked on the RV as a brakeman in the late 1960s.

The RV had 2 GE 70 ton diesels, one red and one green, They alternated on the 5 day week schedule.

The RV 'Superman inspired' logo was adopted in the early 1980's when Bernie Cahill, President of the RV, leased a large group of new boxcars from ITEL Rail Corp. These cars traveled over the USA's rail system but were not able to generate enough revenue to save the RV. The RV is totally abandoned.

This RMT version is the only known ready-to-run variation of this logo on a red O-gauge 3-rail boxcar.

Each car has a different roadNUMBER so you can run multiple RAHWAY VALLEY box cars in your train.