BEEF® Diesel Loco A-A Powered + Dummy Set<br>BEEF® Diesel Loco B Powered<br> *UPDATE March 4, 2020

A-A set is powered A unit and non-powered A-unit. Sold only as an A-A roadname set with individual A-units not available. However, a matching powered B-Unit can be ordered seperately. See B-unit listings below for availability and ordering information.***

Compatible with Ready Made Toys® and most LIONEL, K-line, MTH, Atlas, Williams by Bachmann and Weaver electric trains,…this baby-sized F-unit BEEF® Diesel is perfect for use on many O and O-27 3-Rail model train layouts.

The BEEF® features...
...scale width/height and is approx. 10 inches long each A or B unit
...A-A is approx. 20 inches long
...B unit is approx. 10 inches long
...A-B-A is approx 30 inches long
...fixed position pilot on A unit
...interior cab detail with opening cab doors
...individual BEEPeople® 'Little Wally' engineer/fireman seated figures
...dual motors
...electronic reverse F-N-R
...directional front headlight on A Unit
...flexible diaphragms
...operating metal knuckle couplers windows
...metal hand rails
...metal roof lift-rings
...movable roof fan blades
...metal side grilles
...detailed metal chassis
...multi-wheel electrical pickup connector plugs between all A-A + B units.

Speed capability has been enhanced to allow higher scale speed operation i.e. faster!

*A-A or A-B-A can operate back-to-back in prototypical fashion.

A-A units (Dummy A) will include HORN SOUND

BEEF® locomotives will operate on 0-27 track, however larger radius track may be required depending upon various track layout designs.

BEEF A-A set Diesels
BEEF A-A set Diesels

BEEF Powered B unit

PRR/PENNSYLVANIA #5711 - #5809 A-B-A set


Regular price: $199.95
Sale price: $129.95
ATSF/SANTA FE #23-#24 A-A Set


ATSF/SANTA FE #23 A-B-A diesel set


NJT/NJ TRANSIT #423 A-unit Passenger Set


NJT/NJ TRANSIT #424 A-unit + #5614-5615-5616 Coaches Passenger Set