BUDDYŽ - RDC/Rail Diesel Car - Powered Unit<br>*SOLD OUT

RMT BUDDY's are smaller-sized RDC commuter cars and are compatible with Lionel, K-line, MTH, Atlas, Williams and Weaver electric trains, this BUDDY Rail Diesel Car/RDC is 13 inches long and perfect for use on all O and O-27 3-Rail model train layouts. It will operate on 0-27 radius curves. The BUDDY features 2 motors, electronic reverse F-N-R, front/rear directional headlights/marker lights, flashing roof beacon, operating knuckle couplers, cab detail with seated engineer figure, tinted windows, interior lights, metal hand rails - chains and metal chassis with multi-wheel electrical pickup. All BUDDY's are Powered unit only, there were no non-powered units made. The prototype BUDDY®/RDC, a classic North American streamlined self-propelled passenger rail car built by the Budd company of Philadelphia, PA USA between 1949 and 1962 was developed to allow railroads to replace conventional steam or diesel locomotive powered passenger trains with an economical 1 unit railcar that would also update the railroad's existing passenger train service. Bi-directional operation allowed a quick return trip since only the engineer/fireman needed to walk to opposite end for the return trip. Railroads used RDCs as pure RDC only trains but a few railroads hauled an additional conventional/non-RDC coach or even a mail/express boxcar with their RDCs. Other railroads operated the RDC as part of a conventional locomotive hauled passenger train and seperating only at a junction where the RDC then continued alone up a rural branchline. The NY CENTRAL even had a diesel hauled RDC train that operated between Detroit, MI and Windsor, Ontario, Canada...diesels hauled the train only through the rail tunnel underneath the river seperating the USA and Canada!

Today, most of America's mainline railroads have retired their RDC cars but some tourist and museum railroads still operate these RDCs as restored railroad equipment for historical and educational purposes. The ALASKA RAILROAD operates RDC cars on certain trackage in the state of Alaska. VIA RAIL CANADA may also operate RDCs in Canada. RDCs also operated in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Cuba!

The RBM&N RR/Reading and Northern operates (2018) BUDD Car trips between Reading, PA and Jim Thorpe, PA. These cars are fully restored and operate on this regional 300 mile railroad in eastern Pennsylvania.

The RMT BUDDYŽ features:

*2 can motors *electronic F-N-R *front/rear directional operating headlights *front/rear directional red marker-lights *flashing roof beacon *operating knuckle couplers *cab detail with seated engineer figure *interior lights with tinted green effect passenger windows *separate metal handrails *door safety chain detail *metal chassis *prototypical paint schemes and roadnumber.

Designed so you can electrically run two of these units together.

Compatible with most 3-rail electric trains. Measures 13 inches long.

Perfect for use on all 0 & 0-27 radius curves.

Powered Units only - no dummy units available.