*SOLD OUT<br>CABOOSE - N5C PRR 'Porthole' Style w/smoke <br>*UPDATE January 1, 2021


RMT N5C is based on the Pennsylvania Railroad’s N5C Caboose. The N5C Caboose will feature a detailed metal underframe, plus metal trucks and couplers.

Five different models were included in the first RMT release of its N5C Caboose. Three Pennsylvania Railroad schemes were included. Pennsylvania #477927 N5C Caboose (#RMT-97915) will feature a rare 1940s-‘50s era solid brown scheme with white lettering. Pennsylvania #477939 (#RMT-97915-2) will feature a 1950s-‘60s era brown body with black roof scheme with white lettering and will include Railway Express Agency service assignment markings. Pennsylvania #1776 (#RMT-97915-3) will be a re-introduction of a special limited run collectible originally made by K-Line in the early 1990s. RMT’s red-white-and-blue painted N5C Caboose model will feature upgraded electronics, operating smoke unit, roof antennae and conductor figure.

Other N5C Caboose releases included an American Railroads model (#RMT-97915-4) and Amtrak (#97913). The American Railroads N5C Caboose features the light blue with yellow lettering of the 1969 Golden Spike Centennial Limited train. RMT’s Amtrak N5C Caboose will be painted in orange with black roof and ends used in MOW (Maintenance of Way) service. The Amtrak model also included a Buy US Savings Bonds logo.

The RMT N5C Caboose is a fully assembled ready to run model. RMT will also offer GG-1 Electric Locomotives in matching paint schemes for this caboose release.

RMT N5C is based on the Pennsylvania Railroad’s N5C Caboose.

The N5C Caboose features:

Detailed metal underframe Metal trucks and couplers Upgraded electronics Operating smoke unit Roof antennae Conductor figure.

Only the cabooses shown below with pricing are available. Those not shown are sold out.