One of the most unique LIRR logo paint schemes was designed by Lester Tichy and was used in the 1949-1954 era. This herald consisted of a white map of Long Island on a light blue rectangle, offset with a black rectangle giving a shadow effect. Printed over the map was a large black “plus sign” with the letters L, I, R, R in each corner of the “plus”; these represented the four corners of Long Island served by the Railroad.

This RMT LIRR boxcar compliments other previous RMT Tichy logo-ed cars...ore car, covered hopper and tank car.

This RMT version is the only known model railroad/toy train variation of this logo on a boxcar and is an authentically inspired version of a LIRR freight car.

Each car has a different roadNUMBER so you can run multiple LIRR covered hopper cars in your train.