BEEPeople® SEATED Figures - Set of 48 pcs.

RMT-99417 is a complete set of 48 seated figures called BEEPeople®.

SEATED BEEPeople® are painted in different clothing colors from previous production and have a flat/non-shiny finish.

These figures are fully painted in an assortment of clothing colors that will enable you to populate your passenger railcars, station platforms and buildings to enhance your toy train layout.

Each individual BEEPeople® person is hand painted with full facial features and clothing details that are truly realistic in appearance. NOTE: The BEEPeople® can be used with many Ready Made Trains/RMT®, Lionel, MTH, Weaver, Atlas, Williams and K-line rail cars. You are only limited by your imagination!

Sold only as set of 48 seated BEEPeople®.

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