BLUE COMET ALE - CRR-NJ "Blue Comet' Car 3 of 3 Car set

86126-3 BLUE COMET ALE Car 3 of a 3 Car Set. Each car sold separately. This car roadNUMBER as 92741 references the date of the Blue Comet Train's final run between New York City/Jersey City, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ via the Central RR of New Jersey on September 27th, 1941.

BLUE COMET ALE is a brew originally created to augment the CRR-NJ's BLUE COMET trains to Atlantic City, NJ.

The Ready Made Trains BLUE COMET ALE 36ft wood side reefer car is painted in original Blue Comet Train colors of Packard (Dark) Blue, Royal Blue and Jersey Cream.

This BLUE COMET ALE 36ft Wood Side Reefer car is a Ready Made Trains exclusive Limited Edition issue and available only from authorized toy train hobby shop dealers.

NOTE: Only 1 roadNUMBER is available for 86126-3 as 92741.