S.S. says...Two years ago I went to the train show in Springfield Mass, and you had a booth setup there. My friend and I were both impressed with your Beeps, and you also. You were very pleasant to talk to, and just as importantly, you were selling your products at your list price and not trying to undercut any of the dealers that were selling Beeps. To me, that shows you have integrity and are not just out to make a buck. I puchased a Milwaukee Road Beep from you on the spot, and my buddy bought an Alaska Beep. Neither one of us have had any trouble whatsoever with them and have nothing but praise for your products. I am hoping that you will produce a caboose in the MILW. road name, as a train without one just seems to be incomplete, and I would love to purchase one. I would also like to see some more roadnames for the Peeps and Beefs. Thanks for your time and for a great product.