PCJ says...Here's my VIDEO of <br>Bethlehem Steel BEEPS.

This train is composed of four "Beep" diesels from Ready Made Toys (www.readymadetoys.com) pulling a 16-car train composed of four 16-wheel "bottle" cars from MTH, three Lionel 12-wheel cars modeling a different prototype, and spacer cars that on the prototype, add braking capacity and serve to seperate the hot-metal cars from the motive power and (in this case) caboose. Each locomotive has twin motors, so yes, this train is being pulled with eight motors, and it needs every last one of them, as the Lionel cars in the middle of the train are die-cast metal, and weigh 3.2 pounds each (!).

Due to the slow pace of this train (RMT Beeps are geared to have a modest top speed, and hot metal trains don't travel very quickly as a rule), shooting this train from all possible angles meant about 10 minutes of footage, which I split into three parts to avoid putting you to sleep :)